Frequently Asked Questions

What if my child will be absent from school? 

If your child is not able to attend school on a particular day please let the school office know by 8.55am. To report an absence either fill out the absentee form online which can be found here or phone 818 6216 and press 1 to leave a message. Please state your child/children’s name/s and class/es and the reason for their absence. Children must be signed out at the school office for appointments or early departures.

What are the timings of the school day?

Our school day starts at 8.55am and finishes at 2.55pm in order to accommodate buses travelling to and from other schools in our cluster. Please ensure your child arrives at school in time to get settled in before the first learning session starts. 

Our classrooms are open from 8.30am. If you need to drop your children at school earlier than 8.30am or pick them up later than 3.10pm, please make arrangements with Oscar Kool Kidz, which is the private out-of-school care service based at the school.   There is no playground supervision prior to 8.30am and after 3.00pm.

Our day is structured into three learning blocks and two eating and free play blocks. 

Is before and after school care offered by the school?

Oscar Kool Kidz operates a before-school, after-school and holiday care programme at our school. For more information visit their website.

What are the bus options for children?

Because our school district covers such a wide area and there is no public transport to support our students, the Ministry of Education funds buses to transport our students to and from school. Please see our transport page for options. 

Where can I look to find lost property?

Please make sure your child’s property is clearly named and marked. Should they miss some property by the end of the day or the week, please check their classroom lost property bin first. Failing that, the lost property is stored in two large blue bins in the breakout space between Room 16 and 17.  These bins will be emptied every 3 weeks and any unclaimed items are donated to a good cause.

My child takes medication, what should I do?

Please inform your child’s teacher if your child has any special medical requirements. Medications should be handed in to the office with a note giving the office staff permission in writing to administer the medication. Medicine must be collected from the office at the end of the school day.

Why does my child need to take a spare set of clothes to school?

Please ensure your child has a spare set of clean clothes in their schoolbag at all times, especially during the winter months.

Why does my child require a sun hat?

Our SunSafe Policy requires all students to wear a wide-brimmed sunhat at all times while playing outdoors during Term 1 and Term 4. Students without a hat are asked to play in the shade. School hats are on sale from the school office.

What are the school's term dates for the year?

Please refer to the school calendar or the Information tab for our term dates

What if I have a concern or question?

If you have questions about your child’s learning or behaviour, please speak to your child’s teacher. If your concerns are not addressed or if they are about a wider issue, please email the Principal or phone 818 6216 to make an appointment to see her. Failing that, please talk to a member of our Board of Trustees or put your concerns in writing to be considered by the board at their next meeting. 

What if I want to make a formal complaint?

If your concerns have not been resolved, or for more serious matters, you can make a formal complaint.

Formal complaints may be about an employee of the school, a parent or caregiver, a student, or any matter within the school's responsibility.

In the interests of fairness, any formal complaint or serious allegation must be made in writing and resolved as quickly as possible given the details and the steps that need to be considered.

All parties should respect confidentiality, including avoiding the use of social media to promote a point of view.

To make a complaint:

Put your specific complaint(s) in writing with as many facts and details as possible, including the names of people involved and dates of events, together with any steps you have taken to resolve the matter and your preferred contact details.

The letter or email should be marked "confidential" and sent to:

Contact details for the principal, board chair, and deputy chair are available at the school office or online.

Please note that all school policies and procedures can be accessed via school docs using the following information. 

You can access all of our policies and procedures on the site SchoolDocs. Simply go to and enter the username (oratia) and password (0604) to see them. 

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