Positive Behaviour 4 Learning & the Ōrātia Values

Positive Behaviour for Learning 

The purpose of PB4L is to create a safe and happy environment within our school community  to build confident, connected learners who make a positive difference.

PB4L Lessons

At Ōrātia every Monday at 9:15 is the designated teaching time for PB4L. The focus of the week is introduced to the children with the use of a modelling book. The modelling book contains the coaching behaviours matrix, the context matrix, the lesson plan and a poster. 

Our Apples

Students collect apples from all staff around the school for displaying our school values, the focus of the week and showing positive behaviour. They can then spend these apples at the PB4L shop that is open on Wellbeing Wednesday. During terms 2 and 3 students can use their apples for staff experiences. Students love the experiences and it is a valuable part of our programme. 

We got to ice cookies however we wanted at lunch time. I really enjoyed doing that with my teacher - Zoe year 5

We made ice cream sundaes and it was really yum. We put sprinkles and sauce. We like getting to choose between the vouchers and the shop - Isla and Sebastian year 6

We made pizzas. They tasted really good, it didn't take long to make and didn’t take up our whole lunch time. We would like to do it again, we like the food experiences - Sylvie & Ethan year 5