About Us | Kia Ora

Our school is a contributing primary school for children from New Entrants to Year 6. We aim to help children find learning at our school exciting, interesting, challenging and encouraging of their success. Our dedicated staff aim to attain excellence in a positive, caring learning environment that prepares our students for the future.

Orātia District School has an ‘open door’ policy. As a member of our school community you are warmly invited to become involved in the school and to participate in the many school activities. The school has a commitment to providing programmes that meet students’ needs and recognise current educational innovation. As an effective school, our focus is on teaching and learning, and on giving every student and teacher the opportunity to strive for excellence. We manage student behaviour positively and in a manner that maintains the rights of both teachers and children. Our students are expected to treat all with common courtesy and conversely are treated in a similar manner by teachers.

Our curriculum is based on progression towards the 'Learning, Confident and Connected' Orātia school leaver profile.  We promote continual learning in projects and programmes throughout the years. Development evaluation on progress  uses indicators to measure and communicate the results of performance across a broad curriculum that includes:

1. Learning | Ākonga: The curiosity, knowledge and purpose acquired by thinking, goal setting and problem solving

2. Confident | Māia: The self drive and perseverance that comes with the belief that you can be good at anything if you risk trying new things

3. Connected | Whanaungatanga: Sharing, listening and the relationships gained via shared experiences. Working together in an  environment with a sense of belonging enables strong communication and growth.

If there is anything else you would like to know about our school we hope you will be able to find it on this website, or you are always welcome to contact the school office on 818 6216.