Chomebooks at Oratia District School

At Oratia Year 5 and 6 students use Chromebooks to help them with their learning.

Students will:

  1. Have their Chromebook charged at the start of every day.

  2. Use their Chromebook as an additional tool to help them with their learning.

  3. Have their Chromebook enrolled with the Chrome Education Licence

Please click here to go to our Oratia School BYOD Noel Leeming landing page

for great deals and information on Chromebooks


Responsible User Agreement and BYOD Agreement.

Please click on the link below to access the Oratia District School Student Responsible User Agreement and The BYOD Agreement

BYOD mynoelleeming membership flyer (1).pdf

myNoelLeeming - online purchasing portal

Noel Leeming is an educational BYOD provider. Please click on the flyer to the left and follow the instructions to create a myNoelLeeming account where you can purchase a chromebook at education pricing rather than retail pricing.

Please note: Noel Leeming is one provider, you may get a chromebook from other providers.

BYOD Toolkit from Noel Leeming

Noel Leeming have developed a 'toolkit' for parents and schools. Please click on the link to see product brochures, parent guides, and information videos (

Things to consider when choosing a Chromebook package:

  1. Remember to look around for the best deal, there are more stockists than just Noel Leeming.

  2. If your insurance does not cover your child's Chromebook, then extended warranty and Accidental Damage Cover are good options - accidents do happen,

  3. A bag is good for keeping your child's Chromebook safe in transit,

  4. Headphones are useful when accessing multimedia learning.

  5. For even more functionality, get a Chromebook that has a 360 degree hinge as this enables learners to take photos for Seesaw with ease.

  6. Students will be required to register their Chromebook with the school using an education licence.

Here are some Chromebooks that we recommend (click on link to view):

  1. Lenovo 11.6' touchscreen

  2. Lenovo 13.3" IdeaPad.

Playlist Help

Here is a great playlist from Noel Leeming that will answer many questions you may have about BYOD and Chromebooks.

To access the playlist, click on the 3 lines in the top righthand corner of the video to the left.

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship Defined.

Digital citizenship combines the confident use of:

  • skills and strategies to access technology to communicate, connect, collaborate, and create

  • attitudes, underpinned by values that support personal integrity and positive connection with others

  • understanding and knowledge of the digital environments and contexts in which they are working, and how they integrate on/offline spaces.

And then, critically, for students to have the ability to draw on this competency of "digital fluency" to participate in life-enhancing opportunities (social, economic, cultural, civil) and achieve their goals in ways that make an important difference.

A video on Digital Citizenship

Key points for Mums and Dads raising Digital Citizens:

  1. be engaged,

  2. gain experience with what apps your child uses,

  3. never let your child use their device in their bedroom or alone.

Digital Citizenship at Home

Netsafe is New Zealand’s independent, non-profit online safety organisation. Taking a technology-positive approach to the challenges digital technology presents, we work to help people in New Zealand take advantage of the opportunities available through technology by providing practical tools, support and advice for managing online challenges.

Something to watch

TVNZ addresses screen time in an episode of The Hard Stuff with Nigel Latta. Please click here to be directed to their website to view the episode.