Competitive Sport

During the school year there are many different sports on offer at the school. 

Term 1

During Term 1 there are the zonal swimming and softball/T-ball competitions. Swimming trials are held within classes. Listen out for when the lead teacher asks for softball sign ups. 

Term 2

During Term 2 there is the zonal cross country events as well as basketball. The cross country is team is selected from the best finishers at the school cross country events held the week before zonals. Listen out for basketball sign ups. Rugby sign ups are also held in preparation for our three match challenge against Henderson Valley School. 

Term 3

During Term 3 there is the zonal winter sports festival for Tuakana students. For winter sports sign ups will be run by the Tuakana teachers for rugby, football, netball, hockey and kiwi sports. At the latter end of Term 3 is the zonal gymnastics competition. Trials for this are held for children in years 3 - 6. These will be held over several days in the hall. 

Term 4

In Term 4 there is zonal touch rugby competition and sign ups for this are held in Term 3. There is also our final competition of the year which is the zonal athletics. The students complete in age groups for this and the children selected are chosen based on the results from our school athletics day.