School Sports

In addition to the physical education activities run as part of each classroom’s programme, we offer a wide range of sporting opportunities.

Activity Ages Times Contact
Athletics All age groups Term 4 at lunchtimes Richard Loten
Email Richard
Bullrush All age groups Terms 1 to 4 at lunchtimes Thomas Bigge
Email Thomas
Cross-Country Running All age groups Term 2 Richard Loten
Email Richard
Hockey Years 5 and 6 Terms 2 and 3
Alternate Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes
Gemma Coles
Email Gemma
Jump Jam All age groups All year at lunchtimes Debbie Donaghy
Email Debbie
Netball All age groups Terms 2 and 3
Year 1-3 games Thursday evenings
Year 4-6 games Saturday mornings
Michelle Muir
Email Michelle
Playball All year Year 1-3 Mondays after school until 4pm James Pritchett
Email James
Rugby Years 4, 5 and 6 Terms 2 and 3 Sherilee Swanepoel
Email Sherilee
Soccer Years 5 and 6 Terms 2 and 3 Megan Maguire
Email Hayden
Swimming All age groups Term 1 All class teachers
T-Ball and Softball Years 4, 5 and 6 Term 1 Sherilee Swanepoel
Email Sherilee