School Buses

Our bus programme is linked with bus runs for other schools, so it is important that the timetable is adhered to strictly. We carry all children who live within our bus routes. There is no cost for this service.

If your child intends to catch the school bus either in the morning or in the afternoon, please ensure that their name appears on our school bus list. You can do this by phoning the office on 818 6216.

We now have two buses travelling from Piha in the morning. Students can use either bus and can get on at any of the stops. The purpose of the two buses is to alleviate the pressure on the later bus. If it is at all possible for you to use the earlier bus, please do so. This bus bring our children directly to school, dropping them at about 8.20am before going on to the high and intermediate schools. Children can play outside or in the library, where it is warm and dry on a wet day, until their class is opened at 8.30am. We urge children at the top of the hill at Te Ahuahu stops and city side to catch the earlier bus if possible.

Our bus routes are listed below. Bear in mind that traffic flow, passenger demand and bus breakdowns could impact on the arrival times of buses at your pick-up point.
If you have any questions regarding our bus routes please contact the school office by email or on 818 6216.


Piha 1 (combined)
Leaves North Piha at 7.40am. Leaves Piha Store at 7.50am. Leaves Te Ahuahu at 8am. Arrives at Oratia at 8.20am.

Piha 2
Leaves North Piha at 8.05am. Leaves Piha Store at 8.10am. Departs the Te Ahuahu Road stop at 8.25am. Arrives at Oratia at 8.40am.

Bus 3 (combined)
Enters Carter Road from the West Coast Road end at 8am, travelling up Carter Road and down Shaw Road to the school.

Bus 4
Leaves the corner of Pine Ave and Forest Hill Road at 8.20am, travelling up Forest Hill Road then via West Coast Road and Parker Road to school.


Bus 1
Leaves school at 3pm, dropping children on Parker Road, West Coast Road (first stop Raroa Terrace) and Scenic Drive before finishing at the TV mast.

Bus 2
Leaves school at 3pm for Scenic Drive and Piha. First stop Anawhata Road (children checked in).

Bus 3
Leaves school at 3pm, travelling up Shaw Road and then down Carter Road.

Bus 4
Leaves school at 3pm, travelling up West Coast Road and down Forest Hill Road to Pine Ave.