Our current lunchroom menu can be viewed here:
2018 Lunchroom Menu website

Our lunchroom is open for morning tea and lunch on Thursdays and Fridays.

To place a lunch order:

  1. Write your child’s name, room number and lunch order on an envelope.
  2. Enclose sufficient money and please write on the envelope how much you have enclosed (sometimes coins fall out in children’s bags).
  3. Children must place the envelope in the classroom lunch box as soon as they get to school.
  4. Orders will be returned to the classroom at the beginning of morning tea and lunchtime and handed out by the teacher.
  5. Any change will be returned in the original envelope.


We keep our lunchroom prices as low as possible by asking parents to help out in the lunchroom. If you are able to volunteer to assist for two hours once or twice a month, please phone Shona on 818 3501 or contact the school office.