Zone Boundaries

In-zone constitutes all the areas within the following boundaries:

  • Glengarry Road from, but not including Autumn Ave, to West Coast Road. The zone includes all properties with frontage on this section of Glengarry Road (from 179 and 176 upwards in numbers), also side roads Meynell Court and Nicolas Ave.
  • West Coast Road between Glengarry Road and Parrs Park roundabout (478 and 481 being the lowest numbers in the zone).
  • Up Parrs Cross Road (west side only) to Holdens Road and up Holdens Road (both sides) to Forest Hill Road.
  • The boundary then goes up Forest Hill Road (both sides) from 148 and 145 upwards in numbers to the intersection with West Coast Road.
  • From Forest Hill Road the boundary follows West Coast Road to Scenic Drive, including all properties with frontage on this section of West Coast Road.
  • All properties with frontage on Scenic Drive between 147 and 158 in the south and 573 and 574 in the north are included in the zone.
  • All properties accessed from Piha Road and side roads are also included within the zone.

Zone Maps 


Oratia District School Zone Map 2