Board of Trustees

The Oratia District School Board of Trustees is elected every three years by parents and staff. It is comprised of the school principal, five trustees elected by the parent community and one trustee elected by the school staff. Additional members may be co-opted during the term of the board. Our last election was held in May 2016 and our next will be in 2019. To find out about the 2016 Board of Trustees elections click here.

Our job is to decide the strategic direction for the school, set and review the school’s policies on a range of topics, monitor student achievement, oversee the financial management of the school, and employ, support and appraise the principal. You can think of it rather like the way a public company is run. The shareholders (in our case the parents and teachers of the school) vote for a board of directors (in our case a Board of Trustees), whose job it is to employ a CEO (in our case the principal) to manage the day-to-day running of the company (in our case the school). Just as the board of directors of a company would set goals for its CEO in terms of profit, we set measurable goals with our principal and her team in terms of student achievement.

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