Oratia District school is a Values based school and we teach Values Education.

Our Values are the 5 R’s. Respect, Responsibility, Risk -taking, Resilience and Reflection.


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Oratia whole staff RJ Jan 2013

Oratia School Values

  • Respect

    I respect myself I respect others I respect the environment
  • Responsibility

    I take responsibility for myself, my learning and my behaviour. I take responsibility for the way I relate to others I take responsibility when I stand up for others
  • Risk-taking

    I take risks when I am original and creative I take risks when I try something new I take risks when I use my initiative
  • Resilience

    I show resilience when I don’t give up I show resilience when I bounce back and move on I show resilience when I have a hopeful outlook, keep things in perspective and move forward
  • Reflection

    I understand reflection helps me make positive changes I understand that reflecting on my actions helps me make the right choices I understand that I can learn from others and that others can learn from me