Leaving School

Transition to another primary school:

  • Please inform the school office if you are moving location so we can forward your child’s assessment documents to their new school.
  • Attendance data will also be sent on from the Ministry of Education. It is advisable to take all information you have at home, such as recent work, portfolios and reports, to aid with placement at your child’s next school.
  • Whenever possible we farewell students by presenting them with a leaving certificate at their final assembly with us.


Transition to intermediate or secondary school:

  • The transition from primary to intermediate or secondary school is often challenging for students, and a time when they need parental support in dealing with change. Your child will leave the familiarity and security of our school “family” and face navigating a new school, making new friends in an unfamiliar class and getting to know new teachers. This should be a positive time in their life, an opportunity to take on new experiences and new responsibilities in a more independent way. Many parents encourage their child to play an active role in shaping this transition experience by involving them in research and discussions about their new school.
  • Oratia District School has good relationships with the local intermediate schools. For more information about their zones, programmes and Open Day dates, see the Bruce McLaren Intermediate website and the Glen Eden Intermediate website.
  • Both Bruce McLaren Intermediate and Glen Eden Intermediate offer our Year 6 students the opportunity to spend a day at their school experiencing their technology programmes and other facilities.
  • Sometimes other schools, such as private or integrated schools, visit our school and address our Year 6 students. Our approach here is to send a note home to parents asking whether they would like their children to attend these meetings.
  • The best way to get a feel for a school is to attend an Open Day or just ring the school office and ask if you can pop in to have a look around during an ordinary school day. Take a list of questions that will help clarify what they have to offer your child, and ask about how they support new students and the programmes they have in place for transition.
  • You may also like to check the school’s most recent ERO report, which will help you identify its strengths and areas of special focus.
  • Once you have decided on and been accepted by your school of choice, we will forward to them your child’s academic achievement data.
  • Towards the end of each year, teachers from our local intermediate schools visit our school to discuss the learning behaviours, achievements and needs of students who have indicated that they will be attending their school the following year.
  • Students with high or special needs are provided with opportunities for transition visits and their needs should be discussed with the Special Needs Coordinator at their new school to ensure an appropriate placement and a smooth transition.
  • In the last few days of each school year we hold a Senior Prizegiving, to which all Year 5 and 6 students and their parents are invited. At this formal event students are recognised for their contributions to school life and for academic achievement. Every Year 6 student is presented with a small Oratia hebe shrub specially nurtured in our school nursery, as a symbol of their time with us.
  • We aim to have all our students leave our school with a sense of achievement that will give them confidence as they pursue their future learning. As they move on to further their education, they will be expected to be proactive in their own goal-setting, work within teams and have a sense of personal responsibility. We believe our learning programmes, which focus on developing the key competencies of thinking, managing self, relating to others, participating and contributing, and using language, symbols and texts, will stand them in good stead for the challenges and adventures they will face at intermediate and secondary school and in adult life.